We have a puppy room set up for momma and her babies. The puppies are born in our bedroom and live in there for 3 weeks then they move to the puppy room. This is where they live the next 5-6 weeks they are with us. We hold the puppies from the moment they are born.  Puppies get held by adults and children. By week 2 the puppies can see and week 3 they can hear. Around week 5 the puppies are weaned from their momma. They are in full play mode by now. We start crate training at 5 weeks of age. Puppies are not allowed around other dogs until they get their first shots which is at 6 weeks even then it is limited to a few of our dogs. This is when they begin to go outside in a fenced area to  run in the grass. At  8 weeks of age they are usually  ready to come home to you.

​​Please read  if you commit to a puppy and put down a deposit it is non-refundable


FINAL PAYMENT CASH, POSTAL MONEY ORDER  AND  PAYPAL CREDIT (AN INVOICE WILL BE SENT TO YOU. There is a 4% paypal fee that will be added to your invoice)


        Piper Cub

Piper Cub is such a sweet girl. She is another one of those loves everybody and everything. She love to play with all of the babies. She is the negotiator if 2 dogs are being grumpy she jumps in and starts licking them both. She has a beautiful coat.  Piper is 11 lbs

Cessna has a sweet personality and she is full of spunk. She weighs 10 lb. Cessna has a long list of champion bloodlines  

Ms. Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a beautiful Bichon with a beautiful coat and a great personality. She weighs right around 12 lbs. 

Welcome to furever Bichon

​​​Ms. Cessna Corvalis

    Sir Einstein

Einstein is a sweet loving boy. He loves to play he gets along great with all the dogs,the cat and the chickens. He is great with humans big and small. He weighs 14 lbs. 

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We will take any of our Bichon's back for any reason.  These babies should never end up at a rescue or a shelter. If you can't have your pet anymore we want him/her back no questions. This does not mean a refund.

 We got our first Bichon in 2006 and fell in love with the breed. After many years of reading,studying and learning more about the breed in 2009 we decided we were finally ready to start breeding Bichon Frise. In September 2010 we had our first litter. As our children grew up our dogs became our babies. All of our dogs live inside. We are not nor ever will be a puppy mill. You are welcome to stop by our house by appointment to take a look at our puppy room and how they live while they are here. We breed only AKC Bichon frise's. All of our dogs live in our house as well as their babies. We believe in raising only quality Bichon frise's. Our dogs have DNA testing done along with eye exams yearly and Hip/Knee (OFFA scores this). Our dogs are our furbabies so their babies are our Grandfurbabies. We love each and everyone of our dogs and pups and they all know it. They love us and that is such a wonderful feeling the love of a dog.  

People ask us why Bichon's.​In our house we have dog allergies and Asthma and that is why we first purchased a Bichon Frise. The breed is so intelligent,loving and playful they just melted out hearts. We couldn't have a dog that shed and we wanted a dog that would be good with children. Bichon Frise's love everyone. They do bark to alert if something is different. Sometimes we just move something outside to see who is the first to notice it is quite funny.

A good man take care of his animals". Proverbs 12:10