sources used:, my infinite number of resources my Bichon owners and other breeders.

Your dog is your protector but you should always be the alpha. If you are holding your puppy and it growls or snaps barks when someone comes to see you or hug you it must be broken immediately.These are small dogs so they can have these tendencies.They will get worse if not corrected. 
Remember your puppy may not sleep through the night for a few weeks. 
At night you can see how he/she does then set a schedule based on your puppy. I would suggest getting up at least once during the night to put puppy out to go potty for a few weeks or they will go in their crate. This is what I do- I put up a play yard and put the crate in the play yard leaving the crate door open and put peepads down. When they sleep through the night a few nights without peepads I close the crate and may use the play yard if I am going to be gone all day and know this is too long for them.
You set your dog’s schedule they don’t set yours except when potty training.
Make sure to put your pup outside as soon as he or she wakes up and after meals then keep an eye on them. Bichon’s typically sniff and circle before they go.
Walk your puppy using a harness is best. He/she won’t like it at first but will get used to it. The earlier the better. You are doing yourself no favors by putting this off.
Don’t keep your house quiet for your pup make all the noise you want they have to get used to it. They may run but that’s okay.Grooming I can’t express the importance of grooming your Bichon. Your puppy will be better as he or she gets older if you brush or comb him/her everyday. When they reach about 4 months  you really want to check on that undercoat that will sneak in on you. In the beginning I use regular human nail clippers on them. You will want real clippers by about 4 months. Bi-weekly cutting  of these is suggested for show they recommend 2x a day (yep). I recommend not going to groomer until 12-16 weeks they should at least have kennel cough (bordatella) before you do that and most places want rabies. 



 puppy shots are given 3 week intervals you will get a total of 4 DHLPP/Parvo vaccines, Rabies at 16 weeks, Bordatella  at 12-16 weeks and ask about other shots for your area. Some areas you should protect against Lyme disease some against snakes. 
Petting your puppy and dog start from the head and go all the way down the back and down to the feet rub. The legs and feet of your puppy get him used to it. You don’t have to do this every time you touch your pet you know you get on the floor with them or they are on your lap and you are talking and giving them lovins perfect head to toes. Do not ever allow them to chew on you give them a bone or toy. 
Eating & water ALLOW WATER ALL DAY LONG until about 7pm (until your dog is trained) . Puppies can eat 2x daily but 3x is better and they may eat 1/3 C at time.  Proper diet and water are important for all dogs remember Bichons are prone to bladder stones WATER is a must. WHEN CHANGING DOG FOODS Especially PROTEINS – do this slowly over the course of 3 days it will be easier on your puppies or dogs digestive system.
POTTY TRAINING: Your puppy will get potty trained the more time you have to spend with them.  I would keep them in a small area do not give them free run of the house because they can got potty and you will never know it. I use pee pads so your puppy is used to pee pads with four paws wee wee pad training spray.  I would recommend putting these by the door you want the puppy to use. If you are having a problem getting your pup to go outside sometimes taking the peepad out there works also you can spray the grass with Weewee spray for the pup to get the scent.  Your puppy should be able to hold his/her urine for 2 hrs when they leave here. Yes that is what you are to expect of them and every 2 weeks add an hr. It doesn’t take that long but it takes dedication. DO NOT give too much room in crate or they will urinate in the crate.  Crate training is supposed to be like this- 8 weeks old so nap time put them in the crate and they should be able to stay in there for 2 yrs increasing as they get older. It’s easy when they are asleep and you put them in the crate they tend to SCREAM when put if they are awake. KEY DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT let that puppy out of the crate the puppy must completely stop crying before you let him/her out of the crate. It’s hard I know leave the room walk out of the house if you must. Now if puppy has been sleeping and hasn’t been 2 hrs and wakes up I would get puppy out and immediately take outside even if puppy is crying because puppy did go silent.  Time isn’t the same for all dogs. What they say works may not work for all.


​ Bichon Frise = White Fluffy Dog

​​The Bichon Frise is of Mediterranean ancestry the canary islands. His oldest ancestor is the Barbet ( Water Spaniel). Then came the name Barbichon. which included the Bichon, Havanese,Maltese and Coton de Tulear. The Bichon  being the only one with a double coat. Did you know the Bichon was actually popular in Italy and Spain prior to becoming the popular dog of France.  

Bichon became popular in France, during the reign of Francis I (1515-1547). When King Henry III (1574-1589) took over the Bichon became even more popular. King Henry loved is Bichon so much he took him everywhere. What the king does, others at court imitate. 2 World Wars left the Bichon almost goners. During this time they lived on the streets doing tricks for food and working in carnivals.  In 1933,  a standard was made  for the breed and it officially became the Bichon Frise.
The Bichon  first came to the USA in the late 1950's where it was groomed and pampered much like they are today. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1971 and in 1973 they were able to compete. 

The Bichon was breed for a companion dog. That is what they are they love humans. I have read they tolerate other dogs I don't know my dogs love other dogs. Now playing ball my boy thinks all the boys are his. I think socialization is HUGE. 


Dawn Originalkills fleas leave on for 5 minutes 

WEE WEE PAD spray mfg by fourpaws helps with potty training the best after trying over 10 even the scented pads not good.

Cornstarch will help loosen knots

Borax (salt based laundry det) for killing fleas on carpet even grass it is pet safe.

This is a great chart to look at for the weight of your dog 

 Travel: for upset stomach/diarrhea you can give pepto  3cc per 5 lbs . Give Pepto 30 minutes prior to travel.

benadryl I give 12.5 mg to my adult dogs  Nutracal always on hand helps for low blood sugar. You can get this in stores

BLUE shampoo 

The stuff- conditioner

Slicker brush you will need when second coat comes in. You will need a 2 sided comb


Potential Health Issues Bichon's are prone to.

Every breed has health issues or a potential for them. 

1) Bladder and Kidney                      stones  water is good                  sometimes they get them          anyway. 

2) luxating knees loose knee cap. Try to keep the weight down on your dog limit jumping. 

3) Cushing's Disease it's one you have to read up on 

4) Low blood sugar

5) Hip Dysplasia manage                weight limit stairs

6) Epilepsy immediate medical attention until diagnosed and treatment

7) Liver Shunt-  Puppy will be very ill not eat possibly go unresponsive immediate medical attention is needed. Survival rate is small but can happen