We require a $200 Non-refundable deposit in order to hold a puppy for you. We do not take deposits prior to pregnancy confirmation and then only a few until pups are born and we know what our girls have. The deposit can be in the form of cash, postal money order, check,  Paypal. 
Your  deposit will be returned if there is a problem with the health of your puppy. In that case, the buyer will have their choice of a full refund or of transferring that deposit toward another puppy. 

Aaron Laming (Owner)



AKC registered Bichon Frise Limited guarantee

This guarantee is for the initial buyer as listed below:

Sire:  ____________ Dam: _____________

Male or female  

Microchip__________________________________DOB_________     Date of purchase: ____
Buyers name: 

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of the sale. The puppy is up to date on all shots and deworming (see shot record). Puppy is guaranteed to be free of  genetic defects that seriously impacts their quality of life from 1 year of date of purchase. This guarantee will be void if the puppy has been neglected or abused. If upon initial veterinary visit (when shots are due or sooner) the puppy is found to have any defects from a licensed veterinarian report you can send the report for a return of your puppy to await the replacement puppy. No cash refunds. The seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses incurred by the buyer.

The righteous care for the needs of their animals. Proverbs 12:10                                               Breeder Signature/date