retired 12/17 she is the daughter of Cessna and Einstein. She had one beautiful litter of puppies.  She was retired though an awesome mom she didn't like other pups when she had pups. Maya is now a Therapy Dog up in New England. We get updates on how much she is loved.


Einstein is such a beautiful boy we retired him although he is healthy as can be a few of his off spring had health issues some serious some not because there is no testing we retired him along with the girls. 

Cessna Corvallis retired 3/18 

Cessna our speed model. We called her firecracker, corvi she is small and when she gets the blitz goin just let her go. She lives with her Best  buddy Betsy Ross is Georgia with a very kind lady. She is healthy no issues but a few of her pups have had problems that we can't figure out

Sir Radar O'Reilly 

retired 2015 we thought oh we can handle 2 males well we couldn't not fairly. So sweet Radar my boo was retired and is living in NJ with my sister



Our first male. We thought we were going to have only one litter so we had him neutered then the bug began- 2009


Retired in 2017 he was going to be our stud and live with someone else they backed out so yes he was neutered and lives with my sister

Saidy Jo retired 12/16 

Saidy Jo had one beautiful litter of puppies she had to have a c-section and was retired for this reason. She lives with our sister. Saidy Jo is Daisy Mae's sister from 3 years later, they look so much alike


Daisy Is 5.5 and going to enjoy retirement life with her Bestie Sir Radar O'Reilly. We get the joy of seeing her forever and taking her with us too. 

           Our Alaskan Sky

retired in 2016 sweet girl had a c-section due to poor vet info  she was retired. Sweet Alaskan Sky lives in NJ with Radar at my sisters.

                 Lady Sonar 

Retired at 2.5 awesome dog wonderful mother but she produced buff colored Bichons. She like all the others love to play in the dirt .Sonar is such an awesome dog she is a  therapy dog now in Florida

Ms. Betsy Ross retired 3/18

Often we have to do what we don't want to and retiring this sweetness was one of them. A few of Betsy's pups had issues and no testing therefore is was spayed. She will always be a mom and an awesome sister. Betsy Ross equals love to everyone and everything. Betsy and Cessna live together with a wonderful lady in Georgia.

Our Sweet Peaches RIP 

​Peaches such a sweet girl. Devestation when I got the call-car. Peaches and Betsy Ross are sisters from the same litter.

Zena the Warrior Princess

 OUR FIRST MOMMA-Retired 2014 -Sweet Zena  was retired at 4 and went to live our nephew.  She was such an awesome mom our first girl to have puppies.